Secondary Schools 2007 - Draws

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Secondary Schools
13-OctRound 1SKC 3rd XIvsSKC 4th XISt KevinsMatch cancelled
WBHS 3rd XIvsEOHSDon Field ArtificalMatch cancelled
27-OctRound 2SKC 4th XIvsSKC 3rd XISt Kevins ArtificialNo Result Submitted
WBHS 3rd XIvsEOHSWBHS ArtificialNo Result Submitted
WBHS 4th XIvsBye
03-NovRound 3EOHSvsSKC 3rd XIEOHSNo result submitted.
WBHS 3rd XIvsWBHS 4th XIWBHS ArtificialNo result submitted.
SKC 4th XIvsByeNo result submitted.
10-NovRound 4SKC 4th XIvsWBHS 3rd XISt Kevins 2No Result Submitted
WBHS 4th XIvsEOHSMilner Park 2No Result Submitted
SKC 3rd XIvsBye
17-NovRound 5EOHSvsWBHS 3rd XIEast Otago High SchoolNo result submitted.
SKC 3rd XIvsWBHS 4th XISt Kevins 2No result submitted.
24-NovRound 6SKC 3rd XIvsWBHS 3rd XISt Kevins
01-DecRound 7WBHS 3rd XIvsEOHSEast Otago High SchoolNo result submitted
WBHS 4th XIvsSKC 3rd XIWBHS 2No result submitted
08-DecRound 8SKC 3rd XIvsEOHSSt Kevins 3No Result Submitted
WBHS 4th XIvsWBHS 3rd XIMilner Park 2No Result Submitted
09-FebRound 9EOHSvsWBHS 4th XIEOHSNo result submitted
WBHS 3rd XIvsSKC 4th XIWBHSWin to St Kevins 4ths
SKC 3rd XIvsBye
16-FebRound 10SKC 4th XIvsEOHSSt KevinsGame cancelled
WBHS 4th XIvsSKC 3rd XIWBHSGame cancelled
WBHS 3rd XIvsByeGame cancelled
23-FebRound 10 - ReplayEOHSvsWBHS 3rd XIWBHS Artificial
SKC 3rd XIvsWBHS 4th XISKC Artificial
01-MarRound 12EOHSvsSKC 3rd XIEast Otago High SchoolGame cancelled
WBHS 3rd XIvsWBHS 4th XIMilner Park 1Game cancelled
WBHS 4th XIvsBye
08-MarRound 12 - RepeatEOHSvsSKC 3rd XIEOHSNo result submitted
15-MarRound 13SKC 3rd XIvsWBHS 3rd XISt Kevins 1No result submitted
WBHS 4th XIvsEOHSMilner Park 2No result submitted


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