Youth Blast Competition - J P Dell Cup
Tim O'Malley looks to hit square against Otago Country, Tim would score 95 in North Otago's first innings total of 352
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First introduced for the 2019-2020 season, this competition is for mainly high school students, although the North Otago Primary School team entereds in the competition as well.

The J P Dell cup was orginally for the Junior/Second Grade Competition, North Otago's second level of competition in 1920, but in 1970ties dropped to the third level of competition after the introduction of the Senior Reserve grade. In 2019, with the merging of Senior Reserve and Second Grade, the J P Dell Cup was changed to the winner of the new grade the Youth Blast.

Total By Club

Club Total First Last
North Otago Primary Reps22019-20202020-2021

Winner By Season

2019-2020North Otago Primary Team
2020-2021North Otago Primary Team