Second Grade All-Rounder - Oamaru Mail Trophy

Trophy/Honour Image

This trophy is awarded the best all-rounder in the Second Grade competition..

1964-1965J Goodall
1965-1966Ian Pitches
1966-1967Chris Taylor
1968-1969C Bartrum
1972-1973G McDonald
1973-1974Les Morton
1974-1975D B McCulloch
1975-1976J C Williamson
1976-1977J C Williamson
1977-1978Gerald Hanna
1978-1979J C Williamson
1979-1980M Watson
1980-1981C Shea
1981-1982Ralph Lewthwaite
1982-1983A Cunningham
1983-1984A Cunningham
1984-1985Murray Munro
1986-1987S Dakers
1987-1988R Mills
1988-1989Peter Cameron
1989-1990David Cunningham
1990-1991Wayne Direen
1992-1993Lyndon Fleming
1993-1994Jim McColl
1994-1995B Maxell
1995-1996David Cunningham
1997-1998Not Presented
G James
1998-1999Chase Brown
1999-2000Victor Tonkin
2000-2001Victor Tonkin
2001-2002G Mansfield
2002-2003Brett Latimer
2003-2004Richard Napier
2004-2005Tim Wilson
2005-2006Barry Mathews
2006-2007Peter Cook16 wickets, 393 runs
2007-2008Mathew Murphy482 runs/22 wkts
2008-2009Mathew Murphy
2009-2010Mathew Murphy
2010-2011Kelvin Mansfield
2011-2012Barry Mathews
2012-2013Andrew Brookes
2013-2014Barry Mathews
2014-2015Darren Peterson
2015-2016Nigel Wollstein
2016-2017Kelvin Mansfield536 runs & 23 wkts
2017-2018Darren Peterson186 runs & 17 wickets


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