Senior Captain Of The Year - Umpires Trophy

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The Umpires Trophy is awarded to the captain who has been the best captain of any side in the North Otago Competition. Donated by umpires who adjudge in the club competition this trophy is usually presented at the prize-giving by one of the North Otago umpires..

1974-1975Ian Pitches
1975-1976Anthony G Cartwright
1976-1977Brian R Papps
1977-1978Graham Johnston
1978-1979Ian Pitches
1979-1980Colin Smart
1980-1981Graham Ballantyne
1981-1982D Johnston
1982-1983Alan Sandri
1983-1984Alan Sandri
1984-1985Robert Wilson
1985-1986Graham Ballantyne
1986-1987Andrew Hore
1988-1989Graham Ballantyne
1989-1990Robert Duncan
1990-1991Robert Duncan
1991-1992Micheal Willetts
1992-1993Richard Drew
1993-1994Graham Ballantyne
1994-1995Neil Rushton
1995-1996Aaron Dawe
1996-1997Graham Ballantyne
1997-1998Peter Cameron
1998-1999Reece McRae
1999-2000Jason Mavor
2000-2001Shaun Tracy
2001-2002Andrew Sewell
2002-2003Graham Pitches
Warren Pitches
2005-2006Shane Fawkes
2006-2007Ben Coleman
2007-2008Paul Johnston
2008-2009Ben Cant
2009-2010Hamish McKenzie
2010-2011Sean Eathorne
2011-2012Hamish McKenzie
2012-2013Thomas Shields
2013-2014Thomas Shields
2014-2015Paul Johnston
2015-2016Ricky Whyte
2016-2017Reece Curle
2017-2018Robert Breen
2018-2019Cameron Grubb


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