Representative Century

The highest achivement for a batsman is reach a score of 100 or more. Listed below is those who have reached 100 runs or more.Of those who scored centuries, Sean Eathorne is the only to have scored three or more and holds the record for the highest score along with Ashe Flannery.

Ducan Drew and Darren Broom both scored their hundreds in the successful Hawke Cup Challenge against Manawatu in 2010.

1921-1922 William Uttley 101* vs Tapanui
1924-1925 William Uttley 112* vs Auckland Colts
1927-1928 Carl Zimmerman 117 vs Southland
Fred Carrington 129 vs Southland
Carl Zimmerman 117* vs Australians
1932-1933 Carl Zimmerman 145* vs Hawkes Bay
1949-1950 Joseph Gosano 119 vs Otago XI
1950-1951 Arthur E Berry 117 vs Otago Colts
1955-1956 Ivan Geddes 142* vs Riverina
1956-1957 John Reid 112 vs Dunedin Metro
1959-1960 Ivan Geddes 102* vs Langford Smith XI
1964-1965 Keith Murray 110 vs South Canterbury
1967-1968 Brian R Papps 136* vs Fiji
1968-1969 Arthur E Berry 102 vs Hawkes Bay
1974-1975 Norman McKenzie 104 vs Otago "B"
1978-1979 Robert Wilson 101 vs Central Otago
1982-1983 Robert Wilson 167* vs Central Otago
Lindsay Robertson 103 vs Ashburton County
1987-1988 Andrew Hore 139 vs South Canterbury
Kelvin Mansfield 101* vs Southland
1989-1990 Ash Flannery 172 vs South Canterbury
1990-1991 David Reid 130 vs Central Otago
1991-1992 Mark Wilson 114* vs Central Otago
1999-2000 Duncan Drew 101 vs Dunedin Metro
2003-2004 Neil Rushton 100* vs Central Otago
2007-2008 Jarrod Waldron 171 vs Southland
Jarrod Waldron 129 vs Southland
2008-2009 Simon Butler 115 vs Southland
2009-2010 Sean Eathorne 158* vs Mid Canterbury
Sean Eathorne 121 vs South Canterbury
Duncan Drew 102 vs Manawatu
Darren Broom 133 vs Manawatu
2010-2011 Sean Eathorne 172 vs South Canterbury
Marcel McKenzie 118 vs Mid Canterbury
Matt Machan 130 vs Otago Country
2011-2012 Stephan Grobler 107 vs Otago Country
2013-2014 Ben Cant 197 vs Otago Country
2014-2015 Stephan Grobler 100* vs Mid Canterbury
Ben Cant 113 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 159 vs Mid Canterbury
2015-2016 Ben Cant 146 vs Mid Canterbury
2016-2017 Francois Mostert 133* vs South Canterbury
Francois Mostert 107 vs Mid Canterbury
2017-2018 Nathan Smith 133 vs Otago Country


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