Oamaru vs New South Wales
North Road Ground, Oamaru, 12 February 1890

Oamaru 16 ( Callaway 11-14, Newell 4-5, McGlinchy 4-43 ) & 53 ( McDonald 17, Callaway 11-14, Newell 4-5, McGlinchy 4-43 )
New South Wales 124 ( Cowper 34, Youll 24, Newell 14, Hewat 6-31, Macdonald 4-58 )
New South Wales won by an innings and 55 runs
Scorecard for the match

In 1890 the New South Wales team arrived in New Zealand for a three month tour. Included in the team was two players who were to play test match cricket for Australia, Sydney Callaway and John Cottam. Callaway would later emigrate to New Zealand and play first class cricket for Canterbury. This was the second tour by an Australian side to New Zealand, a team from Tasmania during a lengthy tour during the 1883/84 season. During the tour to New Zealand by New South Wales, talks were taking place between the Australian Colonies, Fiji and New Zealand to form a Federated State called Australasia. These talks would eventually see the creation of Australia without New Zealand and Fiji in 1901.
The tour saw New South Wales win four of their five matches against first class opponents with a draw against Auckland. Two days after the match against Oamaru, they played Otago in Dunedin and won comfortably by an innings and 75 runs after Otago was all out for 26 in the first innings.
Included in the team was J Borton, believed to be the person the current Senior Club Trophy is named after and Walls, who 5 months earlier had become the first player in North Otago cricket to take ten wickets in an innings.

The North Otago Times in its edition dated Friday 13th February 1890 published the following report on the match:
The cricket match, Oamaru V New South Wales, was played yesterday upon the North road ground, favoured by glorious weather. The visitors, who, we may mention, are very pleased with the buildings and general appearance of Oamaru, were driven from their to the ground in Martin's drag, to find that the wicket which had been prepared for them was unplayable owing to some larrikins turning on the water during the night, so that the local players had at the last moment to prepare another wicket., a fact which will account in a great measure for the lowness of the scoring. The attendance at the match was good, the fair sex being present in force. The Naval Band was in attendance, and enlivened the proceedings during the afternoon with popular airs. Mr. Ferguson umpired for Oamaru, while Mr. Davis, senior, did the needful in a like manner for the visitors. Hewat's bowling analysis; given below, show that he is all there even against good men. The New South Wales bowlers, Calloway and McGlinchy, in the first innings of Oamaru, were invincible, the former proving especially proving destructive.
Francis won the toss, and elected to bat, and sent in Fish and W. McDonald to face the bowling of Callaway and McGlinchy. Mc Donald scored a single of the latter's first over, but was caught at long-on the next over, 2-1-1. Cooke filled the breach, but fell victim to Calloway's second ball, 2-0-2. Laing was the next man, but Calloway's fourth ball of the over found its way into his middle stump, 2-0-3. Walls filled the vacancy, and McGlinchy sent down a maiden, and Calloway followed suit. McGlinchy next took Fish with a bailer, with the last ball of the next over, 4-0-3. Hewat stepped in and Walls had to retire, 5-0-2. Borton filled the breach, and finished the over. Hewat had to retire with McGlinchy's fourth ball of the following over, 6-0-2. Francis was next man, and scored a single off McGlinchy. Borton also sent his next ball to the slips for a single, but Callaway's first ball of the next over sent him back to the pavilion, 7-1-4. McMaster the next man was treated likewise 8-0-4. Crawford filled the breach but Callaway's last ball of the over found its way onto his timber, 9-0-9. G McDonald stepped in, and each bowler sent down a maiden. Francis sent McGlinchy to the boundary for 4, another single to Francis, and then MacDonald scored a brace of the same bowler. Callaway sent down another maiden, and MacDonald scored a single off McGlinchy, and Francis a brace. Callaway bowled another maiden, and Francis scored a single off McGlinchy and one off Callaway, but was then run-out in attempting to steal a run, 12-10-10. The innings then closing for the insignificant total of 16.
Cottam and Robinson went in to face the bowling of Hewat and G MacDonald. Robinson was given out lbw off MacDonald's first ball. McGlinchy filled the vacancy and drove MacDonald for three, and Cottam scored a single off the same bowler. Cottam sent Hewat for a brace, but was clean bowled by the next ball, 8-8-2. Cowper stepped in and scored a single, and the same batsman drove McDonald to the boundary for 4. Hewat sent down a maiden, and Cowper scored 2 off McDonald, and hit the following ball to leg for 3. McGlinchy scored a single, but was taken by Hewat with a shooter -19-3-4. Youill filled the breach, and Cowper scored a single, another single to Youill and Cowper sent McDonald to the boundary for 4, and the same batsman scored a brace off Hewat in the next over. Cowper made a brace and a single off MacDonald, and Youill then drove him to the boundary for another 4. The telegraph board showed 30. Cowper sent Hewat's first ball to the slip for a single, and Youill placed him for another. Cooke relieved MacDonald, and Youill sent his fourth ball away for two. Hewat sent down another maiden, and Cowper placed Cooke for a single, and after a bye put away the next ball for two runs. No runs came off Hewat's next over. Cowper sent Cooke for two and 40 appeared on the telegraph. Youill sent Hewat to the boundary for 4, and Cowper scored 4 off Cooke. Hewat sent down another maiden. A single and a brace were then scored off Cooke, and Youill drove the same bowler for a couple of twos. Cowper put away Hewat to leg for 3, and a single was got with two byes. G. MacDonald went in again at Cookes end and Youill sent his first ball to the on for 2, but the bowler had his revenge the next ball - 66-4-24, Davis was the new comer. Cowper scored a brace and a single off MacDonald, but was taken by Hewat with a Yorker - 68-5-34. Clarke filled the vacancy, and played out the rest of the over. Davis drove MacDonald for 2, and was then caught behind the wicket by Francis -76-6-2. Callaway filled the breach, and sent Hewat away for two. Callaway then made a single, and Clarke's a brace and a single off the same bowler. Clarke drove MacDonald to the off for 3, and then Callaway played one from the same bowler back to him, which MacDonald held -83-7-4. Shepherd filled the vacancy and Clarke cut MacDonald for 2. The same batsman then sent Hewat to the slips for 3, and also drove MacDonald hard along the carpet for a similar number. A couple of singles were then run, and the score stood at 90. Hewat's next ball was too much for Clarke, and he succumbed - 93-8-13, Newell was the next man. Shepherd then cut MacDonald for a couple. Two byes were then run and at one o'clock an adjournment took place for luncheon.
At two o'clock play was resumed. MacDonald sent down a maiden over, Hewat doing the same. Newell then scored a brace and single of Macdonald, and after Hewat had sent down another maiden. Newell sent MacDonald for a single. Hewat sent down his third maiden, and Newell skied MacDonald's first ball for 4, and the same batsman sent MacDonald to leg for 3. Borton then went on in place of MacDonald, Shepherd sending his fourth ball for a single, and 110 appeared on the telegraph. Newell snicked Hewat away for 3, and Shepherd scored a single. The same batsman next skied one to the off, and Laing generously gave him a life, but Hewat took his wicket the next ball. 117-9-11. Joseph filled the breach, and both batsman scored a single each, and Newell sent Hewat to the slips for 3. 120 appeared on the telegraph. Soon after Francis caught Newell behind the wickets off Hewat. 124-10-14. The innings thus closing for 124.
Fish and Francis start the second innings for Oamaru to the bowling of Callaway and McGlinchy. Both bowlers sent down maidens, and then Francis sent Callaway for a brace. Fish scored a single off McGlinchy, and Francis hit the same bowler for 3. With the last ball in the next over, Callaway clean bowled Francis. 6-1-5. W McDonald stepped in and sent McGlinchy away for 4. Four singles were run up, and thanks to an overthrow, McDonald got 4. Callaway then bowled Fish with a shooter. 19-2-8. Walls, the next comer scored a single, and 20 went up. He then lifter McGlinchy's next to the boundary for 4, following it up with a two and a one off the same bowler. After another single, Walls skied the ball, which was held 28-3-8. Borton filled the vacancy. McDonald then hit McGlinchy for three. Several more singles were added to the score, and then McDonald scored two off McGlinchy, and Borton fell victim to Callaway the next over, 38-4-1. Cooke was the next man, and Newell relived McGlinchy. Two singles were got off his first two balls. Cooke then scored two of Newell to the slips, but the bowler shortly afterwards sent him away to the pavilion, 43-5-3. Laing was the next man, and finished the over. A single was scored off the next over, and then MacDonald played one from Newell on to his wicket, 44-6-17. The out-going batsman was loudly applauded. G MacDonald filled the vacancy and scored a single. After several more singles had been scored, MacDonald was bowled by Newell, 48-7-1. Hewat filled the breach only to be sent back by Newell the second ball. 50-8-0. McMaster was the next man in, and Laing hit Callaway to leg for three. McMaster was the next man in, and Laing hit Callaway to leg for three. McMaster soon after was bowled by Callaway, 53-9-0. Crawford filled the vacancy but fell victim to Callaway's second ball, 53-10-0.


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