North Otago vs New South Wales
Waitaki Boys Backfield, Oamaru, 13/14 February 1924

North Otago 216 ( T. Hargraves 54, G. Uttley 48, A. Gale 47, C.H. Pope 16, Mailey 6-89, Hendry 4-38 ) & 111-9 ( F. Jones 62, F.W. Ongley 17, Mailey 5-57, Punch 3-44 )
New South Wales 493-5 Declared ( R. Bardsley 123no, H.S.T.L. Hendry 121no, T.J.E. Andrews 105, D.A. Mullarkey 64, A.T.E. Punch 36, A.T. Ratcliffe 34, Zimmerman 3-17 )
First innings win to New South Wales
Scorecard for the match

Near the end of the 1923-24 season the New South Wales team made their fourth visit to New Zealand. The tour saw the side play Wellington, Otago, Canterbury and Auckland along with three matches against New Zealand. While traveling to Dunedin to play Otago after their game against Wellington the side played North Otago at Waitaki Boys. The side had generated a fair bit of interest amongst the local cricket followers as more than half of the team had taken part in the Australian tour to England in 1921, an Australian side that only lost two matches during that tour. As part of that tour, leg-spinner Arthur Mailey took 141 wickets in all matches, and in one match against Gloucestershire took all ten wickets in their second innings for 66 runs. For the match against North Otago, Ratcliffe was the New South Wales wicket-keeper, but Bert Oldfield was the usual wicket-keeper. In Oldfield's career he would play more matches than Bradman (57) in a 17 year span for Australia, taking 78 catches and 52 stumping's - a record for test match cricket. He would be regarded as one of the best if not the best wicket-keepers during this period. During the Adelaide test in 1932-33, which was described as the "battle of Adelaide", the bodyline series would reach its peak in a crescendo of anger when Oldfield, trying to duck a cannonball delivery from Larwood, was hit on the head, and carried unconscious off the field. His comment on regaining consciousness was typical of Oldfield: "My own fault." Once, in a Test match, Strudwick appealed for a catch at the wicket against Oldfield. The umpire said not out. Strudwick recalled that Oldfield, who knew he had touched the ball - walked.

Sir Denis Blundell

Another who was to set records in the New South Wales team was Alan Kippax. When he finished his career for his state in 1936, he had scored 12762 runs at an average of over 50. Four years after the tour of New Zealand, in a state match against Victoria he along with JEH Hooker would form a world record partnership of 307 a record that still stands. Of this partnership Kippax obtained 240. All-rounder Stork Hendry would never really do justice to his considerable skills at test level but would always be at this best against New Zealand. In the third match against New Zealand during the tour at Wellington, the home side in its second innings were bowled out for 89, Hendry finishing with figures of 25 overs, 15 maidens, 33 runs, 8 wickets. Two years later while playing for Victoria against the touring New Zealand side he scored a career high of 325 not out in 323 minutes. Others to play for Australia in the team were Tommy Andrews (16 tests) and Arthur Mailey (21 tests).

The North Otago team included a young 17 year old Waitaki Boy's student, Denis Blundell. Blundell would after his time at Waitaki Boys attend Cambridge University in England. Upon graduation he returned and played for Wellington at first class level, and in 1936 played two test matches against the Marylebone Cricket Club (England). During the Second World War he would rise to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 1959 he was the President of New Zealand cricket, then after serving as New Zealand High Commissioner in Britain and Ambassador to Ireland he became the first New Zealand resident to be appointed the Governor General of New Zealand. Carl Zimmerman would make his debut for Otago the following season in 1924-25.

Two articles appeared in the Oamaru Mail describing the match with the first, a detailed report on the first days play, and the second about the second days play.
The First Article:
The playing area was in perfect order and the wicket fast and good when North Otago began the match with New South Wales at the School yesterday. W Bardsley stood out of the visitors team. Uttley and McBeath took first strike to Andrews, playing a maiden. MacCartney bowled from the other end, and sent down a maiden to McBeath. The first score came to Uttley, who turned Andrews to the leg boundary. McBeath opened his account with a streaky two through the slips. The field was well placed and McBeath found it hard to get the ball through, Andrews at cover doing a lot of good clean work.
Kippax took MacCartney's end the Australian captain leaving the field having ricked his neck. Bardsley fielding in his place. Runs came slowly, the first 10 taking 15 minutes. Uttley jumped out to a slow one from Andres and drove it fast back along the ground, hitting Andrews on the wrist. The only score off Kippax was a single to Uttley. Andrews in the next over got McBeath. 11-1-4. Gale filled the vacancy. A straight drive to Gale past the bowler only brought a single. The next ball, a short one, Uttley got to leg for 2, followed by a single in the same direction. Nine runs came off Andrew's next over, Gale jumping out and driving him straight, while Uttley cut him sweetly for one augmented by an overthrow. W Bardsley clap for stopping a hot one from Gale that would have gone to the boundary. Gale brought 30 up by stepping out and lifting Andrews for 4. Uttley cracked a full toss from Kippax to the leg boundary. He played the same bowler through the slips for a 3 and 1 off consecutive balls, and Gale turned the last ball of the over for 1. Gale brought 40 up, hooking a short one from Andrews to Punch at cover, who duly dropped an easy chance. Mullarkey went on in place of Andrews and Uttley snicked him through the slips. The next ball went for two byes, and 50 went up in 55 minutes. Mailey took the ball from Kippax, and Gale and Uttley each drove him for a single. Each scored a single off Mullarkey over, Uttley by a nice late cut. Uttley jumped out to Mailey and drove him to Punch on the boundary, only one resulting. Gale snicked the next past the wicketkeeper for 4 and each got singles, so that 65 was up in as many minutes. Uttley hooked Mullarkey for 2. Gale stepped out to Mauley and hit him over the ropes for 6, and the next for 4 at the same spot. Uttley hit the sixth ball of the over to the leg boundary and the last over the on boundary, 19 coming off he over. Punch went on in place Mullarkey, and Gale hooked his first to the leg boundary bringing 90 up and making his score 40. Uttley touched one of Mailey's to Hendry in the slips and retired with 48 to his credit. 99-2-48. Hargreaves took his place. Gale went for a big hit off Punch, but the ball beat everything, two byes resulting. Gale got Punch to fine leg for 2, followed by a single. Gale for another 2 for a snick to leg. Gale went out to Punch, missed, and as stumped. 111-3-47. Jacobs filled the vacancy. Hargreaves survived a confident appeal for a catch behind the wickets. Jacobs went out to Mailey and met Gale's fate. 122-4-2. Zimmerman filled the vacancy. Hargreaves placed Mailey to leg for a single. Hendry relieved Punch at the south end.
The tea adjournment was taken with the score at 126.
After tea Zimmerman faced Mailey and off a full toss scored a single. Hargreaves played the next ball carefully and attempted to steal a run from the next. A 3 to fine leg saw 130 up. Two balls later saw Zimmerman smartly stumped. 130-5-3. Jones faced the last ball of the over, and attempted to play forward to it, but the break beat him. Hendry bowled at the other end. The third ball Hargreaves leg glided for a three. Hendry was coming of the pitch fast and the fourth ball beat Jones. 133-6-0. H. Robertson was the next batsman. Hargreaves played Mailey's first two balls, leg breaks, carefully, and he next ball, a “wrong-un” met the same fate. Another he played with his pads - a maiden. Robertson put Hendry's third ball to third man for a single .Hargreaves got a nice four three balls later by a leg glance - 5 off the over. Mailey had Robertson well tied up with his breaks, but off the last ball of the over he snicked one to fine leg for a single. Hendry bowled a maiden to Robertson, the sixth ball being a close shave.
Off Mailey's first ball Hargreaves got a two by a fine leg drive. 140 up. He got another couple off the next ball by a lucky snick. A run off the next ball but one was lost by bad backing up. Hargreaves hopped out two balls later and lifter Mailey to long leg - a four and a good one. Hendry's first ball was a “fizzer” on the off, and Robertson attempted to cut it, but missed. He played the next three, also on the off, and the fourth to mid-on. The last ball of the over he placed to square leg for a two. Hargreaves ran out to Mailey's first for a single. Tow ball later Robertson was stumped by Ratcliffe. 150-7-4. Ongley was the next man in, and let one of Mailey's tempters go by. He smacked the next merrily to leg for a single. The over produced two and a wicket. Ongley snicked Hendry's first between his leg and the wicket and ran a single. Hendry's third ball hit Hargreaves in the stomach, and his took his revenge off the next for a two to square leg. The last ball of the over was snick by Hargreaves for four. Ongley was leaving Mailey's slows severely alone, and played him with bat and body, catching the fourth ball between his legs. He caused a lot of amusement and a hit to long-leg produced a “barrack.” Hargreaves got a single off Hendry's first ball as five o'clock sounded. Ongley repeated his snick between his legs for a couple and 160 went up. The next ball saw him caught in the slips off Punch. 161-8-5. Pope was the newcomer, and played the over. Hargreaves played Mailey's first ball to the slips, but Bardsley made a quick return and he turned the third ball for a single. The over passed with Pope playing carefully to the slows. Hargreaves cut Hendry's fourth ball, but a smart bit of work by Punch negatived the shot. An express which he just missed, gave North Otago a bye. Hargreaves got another to square-leg off Mailey's first ball and the next ball but one hopped out and got a sweet four to square-leg breaking his duck nicely. Two balls later he put one up in the slips, but there was no one there, He got a single off the last ball of the over, which looked very much like a “wrong ‘un’” gone wrong. An over-throw from a cut by Pop bought 170 up at a quarter past five, made in 153 minutes. Hargreaves survived an appeal for leg before in the same over. Pope hooked Mailey's seventh ball for one and Hargreaves had a go at the next, a full toss but it was safely fielded. Pope placed Hendry's first ball for a single to second slip. Hargreaves got a fine four off the next with a carpet drive and three with the succeeding ball. It brought 180 up, and also tied him with Uttley for the Gudsell Bat. He had a very narrow escape of being stumped off Mailey's third delivery, and off the next ball got a single. Pope opened his shoulder and drove Mailey for one. Hargreaves brought his 50 up with a tricky left, which Punch made a great attempt to catch one handed. It was barely a chance. Hendry elected to bowl round the wicket, and fairly rocked them in, Pope hooked his third ball for 3. Pope jumped out and made a full toss of Mailey's first ball, scoring a single, Hargreaves brought up 190 with a lofty off drive and got a single off the next ball. Pope made a full toss of another one, and to the next ball Hargreaves hopped out missed it, and was stumped. Five wickets to Ratcliffe! 193-9-54. Frank Graham came in with the over. Pope got a single past point off Hendry's first ball .Hendry again charged sides and had Graham feeling for every ball. Two byes came off Mailey's over - the only addition to the score. Play quietened down and Graham was content to stop Hendry - a maiden. Mailey went on for his twentieth over without a spell, and Pope survived an appeal for stumped, getting a single off the next ball. Graham faced the googlie merchant for the first time and broke his duck with an uppish strike. Pope was caught by Hendry off he next ball. He had played a patient innings. 200-10-16. Grainger was the next man and smacked a four to leg of his first ball, placing the next for a single past point. Hendry's first ball beat him and laid out his off pin. 203-11-5. Blundell the High School boy, who received a round of applause from his fellow pupils was the next man in, and let Hendry's first which kept very low pass. He got single to third man off the next. Blundell snicked one and they ran three. An over-throw gave them another four. Blundell snicked one and they ran three. An over-throw gave them another four, seven for the hit, and brought 210 up. Graham hopped out two balls later and got a crisp four of Mailey. He tried to repeat it, but Punch made a great save. Hendry's sixth ball got Blundell's middle stump. This concluded North Otago's innings. The batsmen had made 216, while extras accounted for 15.
Mrs M. S. Holmes, wife of the President, supplied a very delectable afternoon tea to the teams and others.

The Second Article:
After the Mail went to the press yesterday the first sensation of the match occurred. Oldfield followed Mullarkey and was dismissed for a duck. The New South Wales team went on till four o'clock and put up 495 for five wickets and then declared. Three centuries were made - by Andrews, Bardsley and Hendry, and North Otago came in to play for a draw. In this they were successful, and with nine wickets down for 111 stumps were drawn at six o'clock. The feature of North Otago's innings was Jones’ 62, got by hard hitting and placing, and he was the only man to feel at all at home to the slows of Mailey and Punch.
Details are:-
After lunch Bardsley faced Pope instead of Hargreaves, and off his fourth ball Bardsley got a single. Andrews brought his century up with a smart hit to mid-on, and then gave a high ball to point to Grainger, but the latter could not get his hand to it. The over brought eight and 220 went up. Zimmerman was still bowling against the wind. His second ball was driven in to Blundell's hands at cover by Andrews, and the High School boy made no mistake. 228-3-105.
Ratcliffe, the New South Wales wicket-keeper was next to the crease and took a single off his first ball to square leg. The bank was filling up with the public now, and Blundell earned the plaudits of the crowd for a fine bit of ground fielding. Pope was keeping a good length, but Ratcliffe got two with a nice snick, and a further couple with a nice off drive from his over. His last ball was a Yorker, and Ratcliffe just managed to get to it. The sixth extra, a bye from Zimmerman, brought 240 up, and a further two byes followed. A nice four off the next ball to square leg made Umpire Palmer duck hurriedly as it whizzed past his head. North Otago were bucking up in the field now and every shot has to be placed carefully. Radcliffe sent out a crisp late cut for a two off Pope and repeated it two balls later. Had the return been accurate he would have had a close go on both occasions. Zimmerman's next over produced four. Bardsley, who had been quiet for some time got a single off Pope, and Pope's next ball nearly got Ratcliffe. The latter for a single off the last ball of the over. 260 went up with a couple of byes, and Ratcliffe followed it up with a four to leg. Granger made a fine save of a hot one in the slips off Bardsley. Graham replaced Zimmerman, and was swerving against the wind and scoring slowed down. Hargreaves took the ball from Pope, and his slows were treated carefully until Ratcliffe ran out and drove one hard to the off for a tow. On his next ball Ratcliffe tried to repeat the does and was smartly stumped by Jones, 281-4-34. Oldfield was the newcomer.
Oldfield cocked one up off Graham and the bowled sprinted, got under it and was able to hold it. 282-5-0. Hendry came to the crease and cut a couple off his first ball. The rest of the over was non-productive. Bradsley ran out to Hargreaves and notched a two off one ball, following it with a single through the slips. That was all the score off the over but 290 went up. Hendry made use of his height to Graham and put in a great off drive which Uttley just failed to stop on the boundary. A single to Bardsley brought up the third century at 3.6 Facing Hargreaves Bardsley put the second ball through the slips for fours and off drove the next for a couple, following it with a short for a single. Hendry got a single off the next and Bardsley followed suit. Bardsley repeated the dose to square leg. 10 off the over. Hendry leg-glanced Graham's first ball for a couple and used the push shot on the next for single to mid-on. Bardsley knocked the next to square leg for one, and Hendry off drove the next for a single score. Bardsley pushed the leather two balls later to mid-on, Gale saving a certain four just on the line. Hendry got a single off the last ball. Nine of the over. Hendry lifted Hargreaves to the on boundary- nearly a sixer- and repeated the shot off a full toss two balls later. He was using his reach to advantage. After a single to Hendry, Bardsley was treated to a full toss which he dispatched for a couple. Thirteen off the over. 330 on the board. Pope took the ball from Graham at the southern end and Hendry got a single by an uppish shot to mid-off. Bardsley pulled the next to square leg for two - a favourite shot of his apparently. He played the next two carefully and got a single to cover off the third. Hendry turned one to leg for one, and Bardsley square cut the next one. The last ball produced two for Hendry. Ongley then put himself on in place of Hargreaves, and Hendry drove his second to the off for a brace and his third for one to leg. Bardsley did the same with the next. Hendry cut the following ball past point for two. He played the next two carefully and the second nearly got him, but got the third on the full to square leg for a brace. Pope's first ball produced a single to Hendry, and similar shots by both batsmen to the same place (cover) added singles to the score. Bardsley opened his shoulders in a daisy cutter of an off drive for four and brought 350 up at 3.25. Hendry cut Ongley's second ball for four and tipped one two balls later, Graham saving it just on the line. 360 on the board. Bardsley opened his shoulders to Popes first ball and did the same the next - both fours on the leg. The same the next two pass, but had a go at the third, which was well stopped by Zimmerman. A two from the next and single from the subsequent ball made the over cost 15. Bardsley was now 82. 380 up.
Bardsley took a three off Ongley for a cut and one two balls later was Hendry's contribution. Zimmerman went on, with the ball in place of Pope and Hendry turned his first ball for one, Bardsley did the same to the next and Hendry brought 390 up with similar placement. Another to cover by Bardsley and a drive by Hendry added two to the score. Bardsley played a leg drive and a glance, making him 96. Zimmerman got a round of applause for stopping a hot return from him off the last of the over.
Hendry smacked Ongley's first delivery for a four repeated the shot next ball and after cutting the to Uttley at point brought the 400 up at 17 minutes to 4. Bardsley at point next ball got his century, the second of the match, with a four on the off. North Otago was tiring in the field a bit now and the visitors seemed as fresh as ever. A three to Hendry brought 420 up. Pope and Uttley both got a clap for stopping hot ones. Hendry drove Ongley to the boundary and hooked him to leg for a single. Bardsley and Hendry both collected singles. Up went 430. Every ball now was yielding a single, and Hendry hit one high in the air, well out of reach. Both batsmen appeared well set. Ongley gave way to Hargreaves. Runs came a bit more slowly off the over, only five being scored. Blundell replaced Zimmerman and Bardsley got a sweet four by cutting his second ball bringing 450 up. Hendry also punched a four to mid-off after a single to Bardsley. Hendry was bow 90. 460 up. The over cost 16. A four to Hendry brought his century up and 470 on the board. Hendry then started to really open his shoulders and runs came in quick succession. Blundell was getting well smacked about, and the next shot was another four. As was the next-hard luck they weren't sixes. 495 for five wickets.
The visitors took the tea adjournment and declared.
After the tea adjournment Cochrane, the New South Wales manager, took the place of Kippax in the field.
McBeath and Uttley opened for North Otago. Uttley taking strike to Punch. Uttley glanced the third ball for a three. McBeth played out the over. Maily bowled at the north end and, and his first ball clean bowled Uttley. 3-1-3. Gale was the next to the crease and hopped out to the first ball, the next he played carefully and off-drove the next, but the fielding was too hot. Mailey had him thinking well for the rest of the over. McBeth drove Punch's first ball for a single to the off. Gale played his next two carefully, and two byes resulted from their successor and another from the next. Gale faced Mailey again and stole a single. Mailey had McBeth tied up and he was not able to score of him. Gale dashed out to Punch's second ball and was doubly out, caught behind the wicket and stumped. 8-2-1
Hargreaves filled the vacancy. Punch had him thinking with the first three balls, but he snicked the next two bringing 10 up. The appeal for l.b.w. the next ball was not allowed, and he punched the next for a single on to the leg. He played Mailey's first two carefully and put the next by mid-on for a short one. Two byes added to the score, and the next ball skittled McBeth. 14-3-3
Jacobs followed McBeth and played out the over. Hargreaves hopped out to Punch and the latter stopped a hot return. Next ball he met the fate of Gale, caught behind the sticks and incidentally stumped. 14-4-4
Zimmerman was the next man in, and the third ball saw his finish - caught Cochrane at mid-on off Punch. 15-5-0.
Jones followed. Jacobs broke his duck with a single to square-leg. Two byes followed Andrew's smart return, nearly getting Jones run out. Punch's next over to Jacobs proved a maiden. Jones got on to the second ball of Mailey's for a two and put 20 up. The next he smacked a four and its successor for a single. Jacobs played out the over.
ones got the second ball of Punch's over well to the on for four and brought 30 up. He got a single by an on drive three balls later. Jones hooked Mailey's first ball for a single, and Jacobs gave an easy catch to Andrews in the slips. 32-6-1. H. Robertson took Jacob's place and narrowly missed being stumped off the second ball. He was stepping across the wicket to Mailey and playing him with his pads. He drove the fourth ball to the on for one. Punch's first delivery he turned to leg and played a similar shot with the next without scoring. He got a single off the next without scoring. He got a single off the next. Jones put the next for a couple - a leg glance. An easy bye was let go two balls later, and Jones for the next - a full toss - for one, the last of the over. He got a couple of Mailey's second no ball and pulled another for a single. Jones appeared to relish Mailey, and drove him for a clean four past the bowler's wicket. A round of applause greeted Oldfield for a hot stop in the slip, and Robertson collected a single off the next ball. Jones pulled Punch for a single to the on again, and Robertson got a brace of a full toss. North Otago's hopes revived as the end of the over came. Jones got Mailey full toss, but only one resulted. 50 went up in 55 minutes, Jones having made 26 of them.
Punch sent Jones another full toss, evidently being after a catch but a single resulted. Robertson snicked one to leg for a single. Jones got on to a short pitched one, after playing one carefully, and dispatched it to the square leg boundary, following it up with another to long leg. He got a single two balls later -11 off the over. Jones got a slashing three to fine leg, and Robertson cocked the next ball up in the slips. 64-7-7. The partnership had put on over 40. Ongley came in and caused amusement by trying to play the first two balls with his pads. The next he turned round and smacked for four to fine leg. It was greeted with cheers. Jones sent the second ball from Punch up, but it was out of harms way. A maiden over. Ongley just tipped one off his wicket and looked around for it to see where it had gone to. His innings was causing much amusement, but he was holding his end up. This over was also a maiden. Jones got on to Punch's first ball for a single, but he was lifting them. Ongley let the next few go and waited for a hit. He got it., a four to fine leg, bring 70 up (Jones 40). Jones got Mailey's third ball for a single, and Ongley drove the next for another single .Punch's first ball was a bye, and Ongley let the next two go by and got a brace to square leg off the next, and a four off the succeeding ball bringing 80 up. He was playing sound cricket and anything loose was punished. A single off the last ball of the over and another single off Mailey's first ball showed placing. Jones got well under one from Mailey - a four , and knocked a slashing six into the trees of the next. This brought up his 50, and he followed it up by another six, and then a single- Mailey's over costing 16.
Andrews went on in place of Punch and Jones smacked his first to leg, giving him 60, and bringing up the 100. The next ball saw Ongley caught by Hendry, off Andrews, in the slips. He had made 17 when they were wanted. 103-8-17. Pope followed, and played out the over. Jones put Mailey through the slips for a couple, but the next ball he put right into Hendry's hands. 105-9-62. He had made two sixes and six fours. Graham took his place and played Mailey carefully for the remainder of the over. Pope was keeping a straight bat to Andrews, but succeeded in getting one to square leg for a single. Graham did the same. He then faced Mailey and was evidently determined to the not out man twice, since he played him very carefully, but a loose one tempted him and he got a useful four.
Time was then called with Graham 5 and Pope 1.


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