North Otago 2011-2012
Squad List
Trophy/Honour ImageGlynn Cameron
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 60
Total Runs: 1179
Total Wickets: 10
Trophy/Honour ImageBen Cant
Playing Role: All-rounder
Matches: 45
Total Runs: 1933
Total Wickets: 81
Trophy/Honour ImageGary Clearwater
Playing Role: Bowler
Matches: 1
Total Runs: 0
Total Wickets: 4
Trophy/Honour ImageChris Cunningham
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 26
Total Runs: 461
Total Wickets:
Trophy/Honour ImageDuncan Drew
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 89
Total Runs: 2725
Total Wickets: 8
Trophy/Honour ImageSean Eathorne
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 11
Total Runs: 628
Total Wickets: 3
Trophy/Honour ImageStephan Grobler
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 29
Total Runs: 731
Total Wickets: 48
Trophy/Honour ImageShaun Haig
Playing Role: Wicket keeper batsman
Matches: 5
Total Runs: 186
Total Wickets:
Trophy/Honour ImageDarcy Hooper-Smith
Playing Role: Wicketkeeper
Matches: 9
Total Runs: 77
Total Wickets:
Trophy/Honour ImageJordan Horrell
Playing Role: Bowler
Matches: 45
Total Runs: 672
Total Wickets: 79
Trophy/Honour ImageTim McCormick
Playing Role: All-rounder
Matches: 8
Total Runs: 95
Total Wickets: 9
Trophy/Honour ImageTim O'Malley
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 6
Total Runs: 128
Total Wickets: 1
Trophy/Honour ImagePaul Odell
Playing Role: All-rounder
Matches: 26
Total Runs: 420
Total Wickets: 29
Trophy/Honour ImageAnthony Sewell
Playing Role:
Matches: 5
Total Runs: 44
Total Wickets:
Trophy/Honour ImageDavid Sewell
Playing Role: Bowler
Matches: 50
Total Runs: 447
Total Wickets: 204
Trophy/Honour ImageJeremiah Shields
Playing Role: Batsman
Matches: 36
Total Runs: 650
Total Wickets:
Trophy/Honour ImageScott Simpson
Playing Role: Wicket-keeper batsman
Matches: 31
Total Runs: 943
Total Wickets: 0
Trophy/Honour ImageChris Ware
Playing Role: Bowler
Matches: 20
Total Runs: 162
Total Wickets: 32
Trophy/Honour ImageRicky Whyte
Playing Role:
Matches: 13
Total Runs: 56
Total Wickets: 13


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The North Otago Cricket Association regulates cricket in the North Otago area and is affiliated to the Otago Cricket Association (New Zealand).
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