North Otago Representatives
Innings Records

Highest Innings Total For
Score Opposition Ground Start Date SC
416 all outMid CanterburyMilner Park, Oamaru24-Jan-2015+
412 all outSouthlandOamaru07-Feb-1928+
410-8 decSouth CanterburyAorangi Park, Timaru09-Dec-1989+
384-9 decSouthlandQueens Park, Invercargill07-Dec-2008+
363-8 decSouth CanterburyAorangi Park, Timaru27-Nov-2010+
352 all outOtago CountryMolyneux Park, Alexandra14-Jan-2012+
351 all outOtago CountryMolyneux Park, Alexandra01-Feb-2014+
344 all outSouth CanterburyBackfield Whitestone Contracting Centennial Park30-Jan-2010+
329-8 decSouthlandQueen's Park, Invercargill24-Nov-2007+
327 all outSouth CanterburyCentennial Park Oval, Oamaru11-Jan-1991+

Highest Innings Total Against
Score Opposition Ground Start Date SC
493-5 decNew South WalesWaitaki Boys Backfield, Oamaru13-Feb-1924+
474 all outCentral OtagoSt Kevins College, Oamaru24-Jan-2004+
461 all outSouthlandQueens Park, Invercargill22-Mar-1991+
448 all outAustraliaWaitaki Boys Backfield, Oamaru22-Feb-1928+
446 all outCanterbury CountryMainpower Oval, Rangiora13-Mar-2015+
442 all outHawkes BayMcLean Park, Napier13-Dec-1968+
434 all outSouth CanterburyCentennial Park Oval, Oamaru28-Jan-1995
422-8 decOtago CountryWhitestone Contracting Stadium, Oamaru12-Jan-2008
407 all outAuckland ColtsOamaru03-Jan-1925
402-9 decCanterburyWaitaki Boys Backfield19-Feb-1929+

Lowest Innings Total For
Score Opposition Ground Start Date SC
31 all outSouthlandTulloch Park, Mataura16-Jan-1993
35 all outSouthlandWaitaki Boys High School Backfield, Oamaru07-Jan-1946+
37 all outOtago CountryMolyneux Park, Alexandra12-Dec-2009+
38 all outSouthlandCentennial Park Oval, Oamaru04-Nov-2006+
38 all outSouth CanterburyWaitaki Boys High School Backfield, Oamaru28-Dec-1922+
40 all outSouth CanterburyKnottinglay Park, Waimate28-Dec-1902+
53 all outCentral OtagoSportsground, Balclutha03-Mar-1973+
56 all outSouthlandQueen's Park, Invercargill20-Dec-1997+
57 all outSouthlandAwamoa Park, Oamaru01-Dec-1973+
58 all outSouth CanterburyCentennial Park, Oamaru15-Dec-1984+

Lowest Innings Total Against
Score Opposition Ground Start Date SC
5-0 decSouth CanterburyCentennial Park Oval, Oamaru30-Jan-1993
19 all outOtago CountryCentennial Park Oval, Oamaru16-Dec-2006+
47 all outSouth OtagoBalclutha08-Jan-1929+
55-1 decSouthlandQueen's Park, Invercargill08-Feb-1997+
55 all outSouth CanterburyAthletic Park, Timaru31-Jan-1925+
56 all outSouth CanterburyKnottinglay Park, Waimate28-Dec-1902+
58 all outSouth CanterburyNorth Road Ground, Oamaru23-Jan-1896+
60 all outBullerCraddock Park, Westport12-Feb-2016+
64 all outAshburton CountyWaitaki BHS, Oamaru15-Feb-1958+
66 all outSouth CanterburyOamaru30-Jan-1926+


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