North Otago Representatives
Victory Margins

Won by an Innings and Runs
Runs Date Opposition
1407/8 February 1928Southlandscorecard
13715/16 December 2001Central Otagoscorecard
7210 February 2018Mid Canterburyscorecard
6123/24 January 2016Mid Canterburyscorecard
2215/16 February 1958Ashburton Countyscorecard
2019/20 December 1992Ashburton Countyscorecard
26/7 December 1932Hawkes Bayscorecard

Lost by an Innings and Runs
Runs Date Opposition
26222/23/24 March 1991Southlandscorecard
1923 January 1925Auckland Colts
16319/20 February 1929Canterburyscorecard
1481 January 1930Aucklandscorecard
1254/5 December 1965South Canterburyscorecard
9726/27 January 1927South Canterburyscorecard
7211/12 December 2004Southlandscorecard
7228/29 January 1995South Canterbury
6229/30 January 1966Southlandscorecard
577/8 December 2013Southlandscorecard
5620/21 November 2004Central Otagoscorecard
556/7 March 1954South Canterburyscorecard
474/5 November 2006Southlandscorecard
447/8 December 1996Central Otagoscorecard
4217/18 February 1973Southlandscorecard
383/4 January 1972Otago "B"scorecard
3713/14 January 1996Southlandscorecard
331/2 February 2003Southlandscorecard
3013/14/15 December 1968Hawkes Bayscorecard
305/6 December 1992Central Otago
2727/28 December 1960Central Otagoscorecard
2630/31 January 1965Southlandscorecard
268/9 December 2012South Canterburyscorecard
2218/19 December 1982South Canterburyscorecard
1916/17 January 1993Southland
1530/31 December 1963Canterbury "B"
102/3 January 1967New Zealand University Wanderersscorecard
712/13 January 2008Otago Country
412/13 December 2009Otago Countryscorecard
118/19 February 1986Southlandscorecard

Largest Victory Margin For (Runs)
Runs Date Opposition
1992/3 December 2017Otago Countryscorecard
16811/12 February 2017Mid Canterburyscorecard
15913/14/15 March 2010Manawatuscorecard
13312/13/14 February 2016Bullerscorecard
1329/10 Febuary 2013Mid Canterburyscorecard
12823/24 November 1965Central Otagoscorecard
12324 November 2013Mid Canterburyscorecard
7815 November 2015South Canterburyscorecard
6513/14 December 2014Otago Countryscorecard
5710/11 December 2005Central Otagoscorecard

Largest Victory Margin Against (Runs)
Runs Date Opposition
16928 November 1999Dunedin Metroscorecard
15226/27 February 2016Hawkes Bayscorecard
14922/23 January 1994Southlandscorecard
12523/24 November 2002Canterbury Countryscorecard
11425 November 2012South Canterburyscorecard
10420 November 2011South Canterburyscorecard
10118/19 December 2004Central Otagoscorecard
981/2 December 1959Central Otagoscorecard
8423/24 January 1999Dunedin Metroscorecard
8011 November 1990Dunedin Metroscorecard

Largest Victory Margin For (Wickets)
Wickets Date Opposition
1029/30 November 1975Central Otagoscorecard
105/6 December 2015Southlandscorecard
94/5 March 1978Central Otagoscorecard
919/20 January 2013Otago Countryscorecard
928/29 November 2015Otago Countryscorecard
823/24 January 2010Southlandscorecard
815/16 Febuary 1958South Canterburyscorecard
83/4 January 1925South Canterburyscorecard
68/9 December 2007Southlandscorecard
61 December 1988New Zealand Universities XI

Lost by 10 Wickets
Wickets Date Opposition
1010/11 December 2011South Canterburyscorecard
107-8 February 2009Otago Countryscorecard
1024 October 2004Dunedin Metroscorecard
1026/27/28 January 2002Hamiltonscorecard
1020/21 January 1996Ashburton Countyscorecard
1013/14 December 1986Southlandscorecard
1012/13 December 1970Southlandscorecard
104/5 January 1957Central Otagoscorecard
1030/31 December 1955Central Otagoscorecard
1025/26 December 1937Otago XIscorecard
1012 February 1925Otago XI
101 January 1925Auckland Colts


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