Oamaru Senior Draw for 2012-2013

Date Competition Round Opposition Ground Result NI SC
06-OctDick HuntRound 1ValleySt Kevins ArtificalValley won by 73 runs+
Dick HuntRound 2AlbionDon Field ArtificalOamaru by 48 runs+
13-OctDick HuntRound 3UnionDon Field ArtificalCancelled
27-OctBorton CupRound 1AlbionAwamoa 1Albion by 95 runs+
03-NovBorton CupRound 2UnionSt Kevins ArtificalAbandoned+
10-NovBorton CupRound 3WBHSMilner 1WBHS by 27 runs+
17-NovBorton CupRound 4St KevinsExcelsiorAbandoned
24-NovBorton CupRound 5ValleyExcelsiorValley by 82 runs+
01-DecBorton CupRound 6AlbionExcelsiorAlbion by 5 wickets+
08-DecDick HuntRound 4ValleyWeston Park 1Oamaru by 18 runs+
15-DecDick HuntRound 5AlbionExcelsiorAlbion by 6 wickets+
12-JanTwenty/20KnockoutUnionExcelsiorUnion by 2 wickets+
Twenty/203/4 PlayoffValleyExcelsiorValley by 3 wickets+
19-JanDick HuntRound 6UnionKing George Park 1Union by 6 wickets+
02-FebBorton CupRound 7+UnionKing George Park 1Union by 9 wickets+
09-FebBorton CupRound 8WBHSExcelsiorWBHS by 73 runs+
16-FebBorton CupRound 9St KevinsSt Kevin's 1St Kevins by 113 runs+
23-FebBorton CupRound 10ValleyWeston ParkValley by default
02-MarBorton CupRound 11AlbionAwamoa 1Albion by 189 runs+
09-MarBorton CupRound 12UnionExcelsiorUnion by default+

Note: + before the team indicates Payne Tempero match
NI is link to the related News Item
SC is link to the related Scorecard

Borton Cup Points Table
Team Played Won LostAbndPointsRuns Wkts Rate
Union 1291210016247920.56
WBHS 127328017849219.39
Valley 126427016559118.19
Albion 1255260197611417.33
St Kevins 1237240140710513.40
Oamaru 1201021011808813.41

Dick Hunt Points Table
Team Played Won LostPointsRuns Wkts Rate
Albion 541356983420.53
Union 532256893420.26
Oamaru 523157294516.20
Valley 51456774515.04

50 Over Matches
10 points for a win
5 points for a tie

5 points for no result/abandoned (Abnd)

0 points for a loss

20 Over Matches

5 points for a win

2.5 points for a tie

2.5 points for no result/abandoned

0 points for a loss

Should a team have a bye or be defaulted to during a round, they shall be awarded the same amount of points as the team with the highest amount of points during that round.

If a result is not sent to NOCA within the allocated time (NRS) both teams will get 0 points.

Tie Breaking Procedure
If two or more teams are tied in points during the round robin, the standing of the teams is determined in the following order:

(1) The team with the most wins against the other(s) during the season

(2) If the teams can not be ranked based on (1) then the total runs divided by wickets lost over the whole competition (not just between those tied teams) will be used.

In a playoff match (Semi Final/Final) if the match is tied or there is no result the higher placed team based on their ranking at the completion of the round robin fixtures will be determined to be the winner.

Note: The points tables on the website are ordered by points then team name and do not reflect order of teams based on (1) above


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