Senior Competition - Borton Cup
Tim O'Malley looks to hit square against Otago Country, Tim would score 95 in North Otago's first innings total of 352
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When the North Otago Cricket Association was formed in 1899, a special match committee was setup to organize fixtures for the forthcoming season between the affiliated clubs. Seven teams were entered in its new competition (Oamaru A, Oamaru B, Tureka, Capulet, Waitaki, a Hilderthorpe-Pukeuri combined team and a Ngapara-Maraewhenua combined team) with each team playing each other once home and away on Thursday nights to decide the premier team. Due to a lack of grounds and with at least two teams based at one ground most games where played at Takaro Park. Tureka were the inaugural champions being undefeated in ‘Association fixtures’.

During this period the Oamaru Cricket Club was easily the strongest club in the district. To make the other clubs more competitive and a more even competition Oamaru entered two teams with its talent being spread between these two teams, however it still dominated the competition during its early years. For the first 10 seasons, Oamaru won it 6 times with Oamaru A being undefeated in 1900-01 and 1906-07. A regular feature of these seasons would be one Oamaru team finishing first with the other finishing second. Cricket in Oamaru reached a high point with a B competition introduced and one season saw 8 teams entered into its Senior Competition.

North Otago Cricket found the purchasing of a suitable trophy difficult due to a lack of funds until Oamaru Cricket Club member John Borton donated a trophy to be competed for in 1900. The trophy was referred to under many names such as "The North Otago Cup" and "Association Cup" but it is generally agreed that it was called the "NOCA Cup". John Borton was a well-known and successful farmer in the New Zealand colony during the 1800's along with being a major contributor to the Oamaru Cricket Club.

This early golden era of cricket in North Otago unfortunately wasn't to last. As teams started to struggle to find adequate grounds and other factors such as prohibition started to gain a hold, cricket slowly started to disappear, and effectively became defunct in 1909.

With the opening of King George Park in 1915 and the return of servicemen from war service overseas in 1919 there was enough of a push to restart the Assocation. Waitaki Boys High School was the first winners of the re-launched competition being presented with the old trophy at the end of the season. Waitaki Boys as holders then stored the Cup in the front block at the school but a major fire broke out that saw its loss in 1920. Frank Milner, then rector of the school, presented a new cup to the NOCA as a replacement - the Borton Cup, named after John Borton who had donated the original cup in 1900.

The 1921-1922 season saw two major changes, the introduction of two day cricket and also the Senior competition was moved to Saturdays, after it had continued to be played on Thursdays when the Association was reformed in 1919. This also saw the introduction of Albion to the Senior Competition.

Since then the competition has been played every season apart from a brief break during World War 2. The past three decades have seen major changes, in 1993-1994 finals were introduced, while the following season saw fixtures changing to a solely one day format. Two day cricket was to return in 2001-2002 but only lasted two seasons before it returned to only one day fixtures. These decades have also seen the dates on which it is played change. Previously it was played throughout the season, it is now only played during the school term. The Dick Hunt Rosebowl (originally played for as a challenge trophy) is now played for over the summer holiday period between clubs and teams affliated to North Otago Cricket.

In 2011 the Borton Cup was lost, then two seasons later a replica was purchased to replace the orignial. Whilst the orignal only had the premiers engraved on it since its introduction in 1920, the replica has been engraved with all the premiers of the North Otago Senior Compeitition since Tureka's undefeated season in 1899-1900.
(December 2019)

List of Current Clubs/Teams/Schools

---------- Premierships ----------
Albion Cricket Club [1]1919|1921 - |211932-19332016-2017
Glenavy Cricket Club [2]1903|2019 - |0
Oamaru Cricket Club [3][7][8]1864|
1899 - 2014
2019 -
St Kevin's College [3][21]1927|
1938 - 1939
1949 - 1950
1957 - 2014
2019 -
Union Cricket Club [4][5][7][22]1909|
1919 - 1924
1926 -
Valley Cricket Club [6]1991|1991 - |51994-19952006-2007
Waitaki Boys High School [7]1883|1904 - |51905-19062015-2016


List of Former Clubs/Teams/Schools

---------- Premierships ----------
Capulet Cricket Club [4][7]18851909|1899 - 1909|11903-19041903-1904
Eastern Cricket Club [9]2013|2013 - 2015|0
Hilderthorpe-Pukeuri Combined [10]18991900|1899 - 1900|0
Kurow Cricket Club [11][18]18941967|1946 - 1949|0
Maerewhenua-Ngapara Combined [12]18991900|1899 - 1900|0
Ngapara Cricket Club [13]18981951|1900 - 1901|0
Oamaru-St Kevins Combined [3]20142019|2014 - 2019|22017-20182018-2019
Otiake/Waitaki Cricket Club [14][15][16]18801959|1899 - 1900|0
Returned Services Cricket Club [23]19181920|1919 - 1919|0
St Patricks Cricket Club [17]19491967|1951 - 1967|0
Tureka Cricket Club [4][7][20]18991909|1899 - 1909|31899-19001904-1905
Upper Waitaki/Country Cricket Club [6][18][19]19671991|1967 - 1991|11978-19791978-1979

Est = Year club/team/school was established
Dis = Year club/team/school was disestablished
Seasons = Years in which the club/team/school entered at least one team in competition

[1] Albion played solely on Saturdays and joined the competition when it was moved from Thursdays at the start of the 1921-1922 season.
[2] Glenavy joined the NOCA when the Waimate Sub Assoc collapsed. After joining they played in lower grades before entering the senior comp in 2019.
[3] A combined team from St Kevins College and the Oamaru Cricket Club was entered from 2014-2015 to 2018-2019. They went back to separate teams in 2019.
[4] The Union Cricket Club was formed what was left of the Capulet and Tureka Cricket Clubs in 1909.
[5] Only entered lower grade teams for seasons 1924-1925 and 1925-1926.
[6] Valley Cricket Club was formed from the amalgamation of the Country and Weston Cricket Clubs in 1991. Weston had only entered teams in lower grades prior to amalgamation.
[7] At times entered two teams in the competition.
[8] The only club that remains in its original form from the clubs that formed the NOCA in 1899.
[9] Formed from what remained of the Waihemo Sub Assoc. It still is active with teams playing in the Dunedin Metro Competitions.
[10] Team lasted only one season with Hilderthorpe (est 1896) disbanding in August 1900 and Pukerui (est 1895) not long after. Hilderthorpe would be re-established in 1950 playing in NOCA lower grade competitions but is no longer active.
[11] Played mostly in the Waitaki Sub Assoc but had a brief stint in the Borton Cup before returning to the Sub Assoc. Despite its senior club combining with other clubs in 1967 to form the Upper Waitaki Cricket Club, its junior club still survives playing in NOCA junior competitions.
[12] Lasted one season with Maerewhenua deciding that it wanted to focus more on playing country teams rather than town teams.
[13] After Maerewhenua decided to play more games against country teams, Ngapara then entered a non-combined team. At the completion of the season it then followed Maerewhenua by withdrawing from the competition to play more games against country teams. It was a member of the Waitaki Sub Assoc before the club was disestablished in 1951.
[14] Originally called Otiake Cricket Club, opposition clubs forced a renaming to the Waitaki Cricket Club in 1899 due to concerns over where its players were coming from. Would return to being called Otiake 10 years later.
[15] Although entered in the competition it struggled to play home games due to opposition concerns over travel. This led to it withdrawing from the competition at the end of the season. It was a member of the Waitaki Sub Assoc.
[16] Was a member of the Waitaki Sub Assoc before the club was disestablished in 1959.
[17] Withdrew from competition in 1967 due to number of players leaving and concern over strength.
[18] With the Waitaki Sub Assoc struggling the remaining three cricket clubs (Kurow, Otematata and Duntroon) in 1967 combined to form the Upper Waitaki Cricket Club.
[19] Originally named the Upper Waitaki Cricket Club it was renamed the Country Cricket Club in 1972.
[20] Inaugural winner of the North Otago Senior Competition, being undefeated in Association games.
[21] St Kevins played in the Senior Competition for one season only in 1938-1939 and 1949-1950. They became a regular entrant from 1957.
[22] Due to the Coronavirus 19 Pandemic the 2019-20 final was cancelled. Union who was undefeated in Borton Cup games was then declared to be the champion for that season.
[23] Formed just after the completion of WWI, it entered a team at the start of the 1919-1920 season but pulled out in December.

NOCA Cup Premiers By Season

1899-1900Tureka Cricket Club
1900-1901Oamaru A
1901-1902Oamaru A
1902-1903Oamaru B
Tureka Cricket Club
1903-1904Capulet Cricket Club A
1904-1905Tureka Cricket Club
1905-1906Waitaki Boys High School
1906-1907Oamaru Cricket Club
1907-1908Oamaru Cricket Club
1908-1909Oamaru Cricket Club
1909-1919No Competition
1919-1920Waitaki Boys High School

Note: The orginal cup (NOCA Cup) was lost in a fire at Waitaki Boys High School in 1920. It was then replaced by the rector of Waitaki Boys High School, Mr Frank Milner, with the cup being named the Borton Cup.

Borton Cup Premiers By Season

1920-1921Union Cricket Club
1921-1922Union Cricket Club
1922-1923Oamaru Cricket Club
1923-1924Oamaru Cricket Club
1924-1925Oamaru Cricket Club
1925-1926WBHS Colts
1926-1927Oamaru Cricket Club
1927-1928Oamaru Cricket Club
1928-1929Union Cricket Club
1929-1930Union Cricket Club
1930-1931Union Cricket Club
1931-1932Union Cricket Club
1932-1933Albion Cricket Club
1933-1934Union Cricket Club
1934-1935Union Cricket Club
1935-1936Oamaru Cricket Club
1936-1937Oamaru Cricket Club
1937-1938Union Cricket Club
1938-1939Union Cricket Club
1946-1947Oamaru B
1947-1948Union Cricket Club
1948-1949Albion Cricket Club
1949-1950Albion Cricket Club
1950-1951Oamaru Cricket Club
1951-1952Oamaru Cricket Club
1952-1953Oamaru Cricket Club
1953-1954Albion Cricket Club
1954-1955Union Cricket Club
1955-1956Oamaru Cricket Club
1956-1957Albion Cricket Club
1957-1958Oamaru Cricket Club
1958-1959Albion Cricket Club
1959-1960Union Cricket Club
1960-1961Union Cricket Club
1961-1962Albion Cricket Club
1962-1963Albion Cricket Club
1963-1964Union Cricket Club
1964-1965Union Cricket Club
1965-1966Oamaru Cricket Club
1966-1967Oamaru Cricket Club
1967-1968Waitaki Boys High School
1968-1969Albion Cricket Club
1969-1970Oamaru Cricket Club
1970-1971Oamaru Cricket Club
1971-1972Union Cricket Club
1972-1973Oamaru Cricket Club
1973-1974Oamaru Cricket Club
1974-1975Oamaru Cricket Club
1975-1976Union Cricket Club
1976-1977Oamaru Cricket Club
1977-1978Oamaru Cricket Club
1978-1979Country Cricket Club
1979-1980Union Cricket Club
1980-1981Union Cricket Club
1981-1982Union Cricket Club
1982-1983Union Cricket Club
1983-1984Albion Cricket Club
1984-1985Oamaru Cricket Club
1985-1986Albion Cricket Club
1986-1987Albion Cricket Club
1987-1988Albion Cricket Club
1988-1989Albion Cricket Club
1989-1990Oamaru Cricket Club
1990-1991Oamaru Cricket Club
1991-1992Union Cricket Club
1992-1993Albion Cricket Club

Note: Up to the end of the 1992-93 season the Premier of the NOCA Senior Competition was the winner of league play for the season. For the following season finals formats were introduced for the first time. In 2012 the David Sewell Shield was introduced for the winner of league play and acknowledged as the Minor Premier.

Senior Finals

Start Date Teams Ground Result
26-03-1994UnionvsAlbionCentennial ParkUnion by 1 wicket.
20-03-1995WBHSvsValleyMilner Park, OamaruValley by points
24-03-1996UnionvsValleyKing George ParkUnion by run rate
23-03-1997UnionvsOamaruKing George ParkUnion by 7 wickets
30-03-1998UnionvsValleyKing George ParkValley by 3 wickets
27-03-1999UnionvsSt KevinsCentennial Park Oval, OamaruSt Kevins by 16 runs
25-03-2000UnionvsAlbionCentennial Park, OamaruUnion by 87 runs.
31-03-2001AlbionvsUnionThe Showgounds, OamaruAlbion won by 2 wickets
16-03-2002OamaruvsUnionAwamoa Park, OamaruFirst innings win to Oamaru
15-03-2003ValleyvsOamaruWeston Domain, WestonFirst innings win to Oamaru
20-03-2004ValleyvsAlbionWeston ParkValley won by 8 wickets
19-03-2005ValleyvsAlbionCentennial ParkMatch drawn. Valley win Borton Cup as top qualifier
01-04-2006UnionvsAlbionCentennial Park, OamaruAlbion won by 17 runs
17-03-2007ValleyvsAlbionCentennial ParkValley won by 15 runs
15-03-2008OamaruvsValleyExcelsior 1Oamaru won by 2 wickets
04-04-2009UnionvsOamaruWhitestone StadiumUnion by 84 runs
27-03-2010ValleyvsUnionWhitestone Cont. StadiumUnion 7 wickets
02-04-2011AlbionvsUnionWhitestone Cont. StadiumUnion by 8 wickets
31-03-2012UnionvsAlbionWhitestone Cont. StadiumUnion by 4 wickets
23-03-2013AlbionvsValleyWhitestone Cont. StadiumAlbion by 28 runs
22-03-2014UnionvsAlbionWhitestone Cont. StadiumAlbion by 48 runs
21-03-2015AlbionvsUnionMilner Park 1, OamaruAlbion by 45 runs
19-03-2016WBHSvsValleyMilner Park 1, OamaruWBHS by 154 runs
18-03-2017AlbionvsWBHSCentennial Park Oval, OamaruAlbion won by 107 runs
17-03-2018Oamaru-SKCvsWBHSCentennial Park Oval, OamaruOamaru-SKC by 143 runs
16-03-2019Oamaru-SKCvsWBHSCentennial Park Oval, OamaruOamaru-SKC by 6 wickets
21-03-2020UnionvsAlbionCentennial Park Oval, OamaruMatch cancelled, Union awarded Championship as top qualifer
20-03-2021UnionvsSt KevinsCentennial Park Oval, OamaruUnion by 6 wickets

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