North Otago Rep Otago District Champions Trophy
Matt Machan in action against Southland

The Otago District Champions Trophy is awarded to the best senior district team affiliated to the Otago Cricket Association.

When former North Otago player coach Keith Gardiner was employed by Otago Cricket he researched the results over the years and came up with the following formula to determine the winner of the Otago District Champions Trophy:

The winner is awarded by the following :
# Hawke Cup Holders
@ Hawke Cup Winners
* Hawke Cup Defenders
^ Hawke Cup Challengers
+ Zone Winners Elimination Series
! Best results (v Otago District Teams only) Elimination Matches
= Best results (v. Otago District Teams only)

Dominated by Southland, North Otago have struggled at Hawke Cup level traditionally and only won this trophy 7 times since the 1910-11 season.

Seasons prior to 2000 were awarded respectively.

Winner By Season

1927-1928North Otago =
1931-1932North Otago =
1962-1963North Otago = (Along with Central Otago & Southland)
1967-1968North Otago !
1968-1969North Otago ^
2001-2002North Otago ^
2009-2010North Otago #
2014-2015North Otago
2015-2016North Otago
2020-2021North Otago #