Senior Reserve Holiday Competition - NOCA Cup
North Otago celebrate taking a wicket against Southland
Trophy/Honour Image

This cup was introduced to be awarded to the winner of the Senior Reserve holiday competition. At the time of the year, when this competition is played, clubs are boosted in playing numbers by school boys. Due to this increase, and a general downturn in older playing members, many clubs have elected to only enter a team in the holiday competition and not the normal Senior Reserve competition.

Total By Club

Club Total First Last
Albion Cricket Club111985-19862010-2011
Eastern Cricket Club22015-20162016-2017
Glenavy Cricket Club22005-20062006-2007
Maheno Cricket Club11983-19841983-1984
Oamaru Cricket Club31984-19852002-2003
Union Cricket Club51999-20002018-2019
Valley Cricket Club42011-20122014-2015

Winner By Season

1983-1984Maheno Cricket Club
1984-1985Oamaru Cricket Club
1985-1986Albion Cricket Club
1986-1987Albion Cricket Club
1987-1988Albion Cricket Club
1988-1989Albion Cricket Club
1989-1990Albion Cricket Club
1990-1991Not Presented
1992-1993Not Presented
1994-1995Not Presented
1995-1996Not Presented
1996-1997Not Presented
1998-1999Albion Cricket Club
1999-2000Union Podges Army
2000-2001Union Gladiators
2001-2002Oamaru Cricket Club
2002-2003Oamaru Cricket Club
2003-2004Union Cricket Club
2004-2005Albion Cricket Club
2005-2006Glenavy Cricket Club
2006-2007Glenavy Cricket Club
2007-2008Albion Cricket Club
2008-2009Albion Cricket Club
2009-2010Albion Cricket Club
2010-2011Albion Blue
2011-2012Valley Cricket Club
2012-2013Valley Cricket Club
2013-2014Valley Cricket Club
2014-2015Valley Cricket Club
2015-2016Eastern Colts
2016-2017Eastern Seniors
2017-2018Union Cricket Club
2018-2019Union Cricket Club