Overseas International Representatives
Tim O'Malley looks to hit square against Otago Country, Tim would score 95 in North Otago's first innings total of 352
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Listed below are those who have played International Cricket for an overseas team.

Gill McConway was born into a cricketing family with her father being a life member of one our affilated clubs, Union. She played in 14 test matches and 11 One Day Internationals for England.

Matt Machan was an Englaind age group representative before playing in North Otago as a player coach during the 2010/11 season. He returned to England before being selected for Scotland qualifying as one of parents was Scotish. He would play in two One Day World Cups,playing 23 ODIs and 13 T20I before injury led to an early retirement.

1982-1987Gill McConwayEngland
2013-2016Matt MachanScotland