Services to North Otago Cricket - Alexander Keith Memorial Trophy
Jordan Horrell plays a shot during the Hawke Cup challenge against Buller
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The Alexander Keith Memorial Trophy is awarded to a member of the cricketing community who has been deemed by the association to have provided outstanding service to North Otago Cricket.

Winner By Season

1991-1992Gavin Laird
1992-1993Bruce Sewell
1993-1994Terry Lake
1994-1995Russell Payne
1995-1996Rose Robertson
1996-1997Edward Tempero
1997-1998Tracey Cromwell
1998-1999Barry Compton
1999-2000Doug Ranger
2000-2001Terry Lake
2001-2002Peter Cameron
2002-2003Peter Cameron
2003-2004Leah Cunningham
2004-2005Louise Hill
2005-2006Allan Dean
Neville Hoskin
2006-2007Stuart Dean
Jeffery Grubb
Geoff McLelland
2007-2008Mark Patterson
2008-2009Dale Paton
2009-2010Peter Cartwright (jnr)
2010-2011Robert Coates
2011-2012David Sewell
2012-2013Hamish McKenzie
2013-2014Terry O'Neill
2014-2015Duncan Drew
Hamish McMurdo
2015-2016Kelvin McFelin
2016-2017Leigh Petrie
2017-2018Ricky Whyte
2018-2019Duncan Drew
2019-2020Scott Cameron
2020-2021Peter Cartwright (jnr)
2021-2022Justin Fowler