Cricketer of the Year - Oamaru Licensing Trust Trophy
Jeremy Smith in action bowling against South Canterbury. Smith would take 13 wickets in the match
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The Oamaru Licencing Trust Trophy is awarded is an annual trophy awarded by North Otago Cricket to the player who is deemed to be player of the year.

Russell Payne was awarded the cricketer of the year in 1965-66 but there is a gap in our records where the winner is unknown or was not presented. The current Trophy was introduced at the start of the 1984-85 season.

Winner By Season

1965-1966Russell Payne
1984-1985Peter Cook
1985-1986Ian Chapman
1986-1987Graham Ballantyne
1987-1988Andrew Hore
1988-1989Ash Flannery
1989-1990Alan Sandri
1990-1991Patrick Bleach
1991-1992Alex Lemon
1992-1993John Crombie
1993-1994John Crombie
1994-1995Neil Rushton
David Sewell
1995-1996David Sewell
1996-1997David Sewell
1997-1998Richard Sidon
1998-1999David Sewell
1999-2000Duncan Drew
2000-2001Duncan Drew
2001-2002Craig M Smith
2002-2003Craig M Smith
2003-2004Craig M Smith
2004-2005Craig M Smith
Richard Snell
2005-2006Marcel McKenzie
2006-2007David Sewell
2007-2008David Sewell
2008-2009Simon Butler
2009-2010Ben Cant
Sean Eathorne
2010-2011Sean Eathorne
2011-2012Stephan Grobler
2012-2013Ben Cant
2013-2014Francois Mostert
2014-2015Francois Mostert
2015-2016Nathan Smith
2016-2017Nathan Smith
2017-2018Llewellyn Johnson
2018-2019Nathan Smith
2019-2020Nathan Smith
2020-2021Nathan Smith