North Otago Rep Outstanding Performance - N D Ireland Trophy 1965
Jeremy Smith in action bowling against South Canterbury. Smith would take 13 wickets in the match
Trophy/Honour Image

The N D Ireland Trophy was introduced in 1965 to recongise the player with the best invidual performance during the North Otago Representative Season.

It was not presented between 1969 and 1972.

Winner By Season

1964-1965W K Murray
1966-1967Brian R Papps
1968-1969Arthur Berry
1972-1973Norman McKenzie
1973-1974Norman McKenzie
1974-1975Norman McKenzie
1975-1976Chris Taylor
1976-1977Norman McKenzie
1977-1978Ian Pitches
1978-1979Robert Wilson
1979-1980Robert Wilson
1980-1981Chris Taylor
1981-1982Robert Wilson
1982-1983Robert Wilson
1983-1984Ian Chapman
1984-1985Peter Cook
1985-1986Ian Chapman
1986-1987Graham Ballantyne
1987-1988Andrew Hore
1988-1989Mark Julius
1989-1990Ash Flannery
1990-1991Patrick Bleach
1991-1992Mark Wilson
1992-1993Patrick Bleach
1993-1994John Crombie
1994-1995Patrick Bleach
1995-1996Mark Wilson
1996-1997Paul Beare
1997-1998Gerald Ward
1998-1999Duncan Drew
Keith Gardner
1999-2000Duncan Drew
2000-2001Glynn Cameron
2001-2002Neil Rushton
2003-2004Neil Rushton
2005-2006Craig M Smith
2006-2007David Sewell
2007-2008Jarrod Waldron171 vs Southland
2008-2009Simon Butler
2009-2010Duncan Drew
2010-2011Matt Machan130 vs Otago Country HCD
2011-2012David Sewell8-56 vs Southland
2012-2013Ben Cant
David Sewell
2013-2014Ben Cant197 vs Otago Country
2014-2015Francois Mostert159 & 5-68 vs Mid Canterbury 24/25 Jan 2015
2015-2016Francois Mostert
2016-2017Francois Mostert107 & 6 wkts v Mid Canterbury
2017-2018Nathan Smith133 vs Otago Country
2018-2019Cameron Grubb11-126 vs Mid Canterbury
2019-2020Cameron Grubb11-83 vs Mid Canterbury
2020-2021Jeremy Smith57* & 24*, 11/147 vs Southland