Senior Bowling
Craig Smith appeals
Trophy/Honour Image

This Trophy is awarded to the best bowler of the Senior Competition. To determine the best bowler of the competition the highest wicket-taker.

Ricky Whyte and Blake James were joint winners with 29 wickets each in 2019-2020.

Winner By Season

1975-1976Robert Mason
1976-1977Ken Thickett
1978-1979S Brown
1979-1980Trevor Robertson
1980-1981Stuart Kendall
1981-1982Chris Taylor58 @ 7.17
1982-1983Ian Chapman
1983-1984Chris Taylor
1984-1985Ken Thickett
1985-1986Ian Chapman
1986-1987Ian Pitches
1987-1988Ken Thickett
1988-1989David Cartwright
1989-1990David Cartwright
1990-1991David Cartwright
1991-1992David Cartwright
1992-1993John Crombie41 @ 9
1993-1994John Crombie34 @ 7.91
1994-1995Neil Rushton21 @ 13.62
1995-1996Patrick Bleach
1996-1997Shane Wilde
1997-1998Richard Sidon50 @ 11.62
1998-1999Richard Sidon
1999-2000Mathew Tait
2000-2001Bradley Kernahan
2001-2002Neil Rushton38 @ 8.08
2003-2004Gavin Strachan
2004-2005Daniel Fletcher
Dylan Winter
2005-2006Craig Direen32 @ 13
2006-2007David Sewell35 wickets
2007-2008Mark Creighton
Chris Ware
2008-2009Phillip Crossan
2009-2010Hamish McKenzie39 wickets
2010-2011Ricky Whyte42 wickets
2011-2012Isaac Shields
2012-2013Tom Hoornweg36 wickets
2013-2014Paul Odell42 wickets
2014-2015Ricky Whyte
2015-2016Dylan Winter
2016-2017Dylan Winter
2017-2018Ricky Whyte33
2018-2019Glynn Cameron35 wickets
2019-2020Blake James
Ricky Whyte
2020-2021Lachlan Brookes
2021-2022Stephan Grobler25 wickets