Senior All-Rounder - Otago Daily Times Trophy
The victorious St Kevins team with the Payne Tempero Cup
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Awarded to the best all-rounder of the Senior competition during the season.

Winner By Season

1964-1965Anthony Cartwright
1965-1966Brian R Papps
1966-1967Anthony Cartwright
1968-1969Ian Pitches
1972-1973Anthony Cartwright
1973-1974Anthony Cartwright
1974-1975Anthony Cartwright
1975-1976R Jefferson
1976-1977R Breen
1977-1978Anthony Cartwright
1978-1979S Brown
1979-1980Peter Cook
1980-1981Chris Taylor
1981-1982Chris Taylor
1982-1983Chris Taylor
1983-1984Peter Cook
1984-1985Chris Taylor
1985-1986Peter Cook
1986-1987Micheal Dodd
1987-1988Norman McKenzie
1988-1989Ash Flannery
1989-1990Kelvin Mansfield
1991-1992Micheal Dodd
Trevor Robertson
1992-1993Trevor Robertson
1993-1994Patrick Bleach
1994-1995Craig Wilson
1995-1996Patrick Bleach
1996-1997Mark Wilson
1997-1998Bradley Kernahan
1998-1999Mark Wilson
1999-2000Mark Wilson
2000-2001Bradley Kernahan
2001-2002Neil Rushton
2003-2004Gavin Strachan
2004-2005Daniel Fletcher380 runs @ 23.75 & 36 w @ 11.00
2005-2006Neil Rushton25 w @ 13 and 399 runs @ 50
2006-2007Tony Gray32 wickets, 229 runs
2007-2008Paul Odell
2008-2009Simon Butler
2009-2010Bradley Kernahan638 runs & 32 wickets
2010-2011Bradley Kernahan
2011-2012Stephan Grobler653 runs and 26 wickets
2012-2013Bradley Kernahan502 runs & 32 wickets
2013-2014Paul Odell294 runs & 42 wickets
2014-2015Francois Mostert
2015-2016Nathan Smith
2016-2017Francois Mostert743 runs & 27 wkts
2017-2018Ash Abraham661 runs & 18 wkts
2018-2019Francois Mostert725 runs & 23 wickets
2019-2020Stephan Grobler514 runs & 23 wickets
2020-2021Stephan Grobler449 runs & 24 wickets
2021-2022Stephan Grobler403 runs @ 25 wickets