Third Grade All-Rounder - Don Rae Rosebowl
The North Otago Primary Reps team celebrate the last wicket in the victory over West Coast in Westport.
Trophy/Honour Image

Awarded to the best all-rounder in the Third Grade competition.

Winner By Season

1964-1965Chris Taylor
1965-1966A Cleverly
1966-1967G Carvell
1968-1969G Young
1972-1973G Rowlands
1973-1974G Rowlands
1974-1975G Rowlands
1975-1976R Mathews
1976-1977Norman Sinclair
1977-1978R Hunt
1978-1979M Dawson
1979-1980A Cunningham
1980-1981Robert Duncan
1981-1982Victor Tonkin
1982-1983Barry Meikle
1984-1985Graham Pope
1985-1986S Dakers
1986-1987C Perry
1987-1988G James
1988-1989A James
1989-1990Dallas Pitches
1990-1991S King
1992-1993Craig Miller
1997-1998Chase Brown
1998-1999Andrew McCulloch