North Otago Rep Ten Wickets In A Match
Tim O'Malley looks to hit square against Otago Country, Tim would score 95 in North Otago's first innings total of 352

The highest achievement for a bowler in a match is taking ten wickets.

Union Cricket Club lifemember Fred Ongley was the first to take one in North Otago colors when he took 11-60 against South Canterbury during the 1902-1903 season..

Francois Mostert is the only player to have taken 10 wickets in a match four times, taking two in the 2015-16 season and then two again during the 2017-18 season.

1902-1903 Fred Ongley 11/60 vs South Canterbury
1957-1958 John Reid 13/51 vs Ashburton County
1960-1961 Graham Cowles 11/99 vs Southland
1962-1963 Anthony Cartwright 13/140 vs Ashburton County
1966-1967 Anthony Cartwright 11/110 vs Southland
1975-1976 Anthony Cartwright 11/67 vs Ashburton County
1980-1981 Chris Taylor 13/104 vs New Zealand Brabin XI
1998-1999 David Sewell 11/91 vs Central Otago
2007-2008 David Sewell 11/92 vs Southland
2015-2016 Francois Mostert 10/90 vs Southland
Francois Mostert 13/53 vs Buller
2017-2018 Francois Mostert 13/55 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 10/111 vs Southland
2018-2019 Cameron Grubb 11/126 vs Mid Canterbury
2019-2020 Cameron Grubb 11/83 vs Mid Canterbury
2020-2021 Jeremy Smith 11/147 vs Southland
2021-2022 Jeremy Smith 13/52 vs South Canterbury