Otago Representatives
Anthony Sewell looks to take a catch close in
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Listed below is the players who have played first class cricket for Otago. Of these the players prior to 1890 played for the Oamaru Cricket Club who when playing outside matches would take the best players from opposition clubs to create an 'un-official' North Otago Representative side.

Not included on this list is the following players who played first class cricket with links to playing junior cricket in North Otago but did not play for the North Otago Senior Representative team and/or Otago.

Of those who have played for Otago Arthur Fisher, John Reid and David Sewell would also play for New Zealand,

1875-1876Fairfax Fenwick
1876-1881Gordon Millington
1876-1877Joseph Nicholls
1886-1887John Walls
1889-1890Robert Hewat
1890-1910Arthur Fisher
1925-1930Carl Zimmerman
1938-1947Arthur Culter
1954-1956Colin Graham
1955-1956Arthur Berry
1956-1958John Reid
1956-1957Merv Sandri
1956-1957Barry Allen
1961-1964Anthony Cartwright
1971-1979Robert Wilson
1972-1973Norman McKenzie
1980-1988Derek Walker
1989-1991Ben Harris
1990-1991Shaun Tracy
1995-2006David Sewell
1996-2005Andrew Hore
1998-2001Simon Forde
1999-2004Neil Rushton
1999-2012Warren McSkimming
2000-2002Duncan Drew
2002-2008Marcel McKenzie
2004-2016Craig M Smith
2004-2017Sean Eathorne
2005-2009Shaun Haig
2006-2013Darren Broom
2015-Nathan Smith
2017-Llewellyn Johnson