Other Rep 2008/09
Jeremiah Shields in action against Canterbury Country in the Hawke Cup Challenge
North Otago 'A'

This season saw the introduction of a North Otago 'A' team as a way to provide North Otago cricketers with a higher level of cricket, the team in its second match also provided members of the North Otago Hawke Cup team match practice before the first home Hawke Cup match of the season.

Vs South Canterbury U19 at Celtic, Timaru on the 16th of November 2008
South Canterbury 336-6 (A McKenzie 170, H Mathews 33, T Bouch 31, L Crowley 30, Dan Conlan 3-69,)
North Otago 'A' 238 (Ben Cant 61, Jermiah Shields 47, Sean Conlan 41, A McKenzie 2-29, T Bouch 2-9)
Win to South Canterbury by 99 runs.

Vs Mitchell County U19 at Whitestone Contracting Stadium, Oamaru on the 11th of January 2009
North Otago 157 (Stu Dickinson 30, Thomas Shields 30, John Blakely 26, J Coughlan 3-19, J Coote 2-29, M Morrow 2-31)
Mitchell County U19 146 (M Findlay 30, D Sellers 24, J Coughlan 21 not out, Paul Odell 3-19, Stu Dickinson 3-19, Glynn Cameron 2-21)
Win to North Otago by 11 runs.

Primary Representative Team

The North Otago Primary Representative team took part in the annual South Island Primary Schools Cricket Tournament, this season played in Rangiora. This tournament, with the first held in 1963 in Invercargill, is the only one of its type in New Zealand with many Black Caps including Craig McMillian, Chris Harris, Chris Cairns, Brendon McCullum and even All Black Daniel Carter taking part over the years.

This seasons edition saw North Otago lose 4 games on first innings and won on first innings against Southland Country. North Otago finished 11 out of the 14 teams that took part.

First Day
Southland Country 93 and 66 lost 1st innings to North Otago 96/9 and 52/4

Second Day
North Otago 70 and 49/2 lost on the first innings to Nelson 162/6 (F. Matthews 43 not out)

Third Day
North Otago 130/8 (Jeremy Smith 45, Zac Tait 3/22) lost on the first innings to Invercargill Metro 131/8 (Matt Escott 50)

Fourth Day
North Otago 108 (Trent Cairns 4/7) and 9/0 lost on the first innings to Dunedin Metro 114/2 (Chris Pearse-Smith 53 not out, Rhys Bayly 46 not out)

Fifth Day
North Otago 74 (George Butterick 4/7) and 93/7 lost to Christchurch Red 76/4 on the first innings.